What We Deliver

We estimate and manage construction costs from project inception through design development and construction delivery

We Understand the Requirements

The first step would be to understand your project requirements which can be fulfilled by choosing the right cost management solution.

We Work Precisely ​

We understand precisely what your project exactly needs and use our expertise to bring expected outcomes.

We Deliver Best Output​

We are very much concerned about the quality of our output and we strive to give you the best service you could possibly receieve.

Our Services

We offer accurate, clear and concise cost management advice to ensure our client’s projects’ success with a full range of service options and features tailored to individual needs.

Cost Planning & Cost Management​

Use our detailed cost plans to cut the uncertainty in your budgets . We give you a total project cost estimate taking all contingencies into account and you can make the best-informed decisions.​

Tax Depreciation Report

We are committed to providing high quality Tax Depreciation reports for our clients. When you invest in a Tax Depreciation report through PCMG, you can rest assure that your Quantity Surveyor will consider your property and individual circumstances to ensure you claim maximum returns.

Bills Of Quantities​

You can evaluate from a comparable base using our detailed bills of quantities that allow you to insist on quality, accurate tenders. They give you a basis for variation assessments during construction.

Whole of Life Analysis

Whole of life cost benefit analysis is a tool for the financial evaluation of a range of design options over their life cycle using a combination of capital, maintenance and operating costs to make the best long term decision. PCMG has a experienced team to carryout whole of life cost analysis for your property.

Bank & Financiers Reports

We identify risks early through a succinct report to financiers using our rigorous risk management framework. This independent review of pre commencement construction costs safeguards the financiers, developers, and builders.

Insurance Valuations

Whether insuring a newly constructed building or an existing property, it is important for clients to ensure that their building’s insurance policy includes an appropriate value for replacement. Our service provides a concise report with detailed cost analysis and recommendations for insurable value.

Feasibility Studies & Procurement Selection

Accurate and effective cost advice on project feasibility is key to success of your project. PCMG will identify key risks associated with time, cost & quality. We also help you with right procurement selection, scope definition and program advice.

Pre Tender estimates, Tender evaluation & Contractor Appointment

PCMG will give you confidence before you go to the market for Contractor selection. We will make sure you will get the value for money and that only what is relevant will be considered in your tender process. We will complete detailed tender evaluation, ask all relevant questions from contractors tender and reconcile all costs to the proposed budget.

Contract administration

We will manage complete during construction - cost control and cost forecasting, assessment of progress claims & variations, management of contingencies, monthly reporting - and will ensure your project is completed on budget.

Delivering Cost Confidence

As trusted advisors, our team members have specialist knowledge and experience in critical project aspects, ensuring that your project does not exceed the budget.